Electronic resources update

The University Library (UL) emails us a useful weekly update on its electronic (ie. online)  resources which could do with wider exposure. Unfortunately, the update comes as a PDF attachment to an email which is not very convenient. We print a copy and pin it on a noticeboard each week. I cannot see any way to directly access the document via the UL website. I have asked it to be made available as an RSS feed. Meanwhile, we will upload a copy and link to it each week for a while.

So here is the link to this week’s issue: Electronic Resources Update 9 Jan 2009. It includes details of new eBooks, a new database and a new eJournal.

If you find this document useful I presume that anyone is free to subscribe to the email list at lists.cam.ac.uk Mailing Lists. The email list you need is called Lib-datasets covering ‘UL databases and electronic services’. Please let us know if you experience any problems subscribing.

Access to all the University’s online resources is via eresources@cambridge.


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The Library of Homerton College, University of Cambridge.
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