Review of ticTOCs Table of Contents service

The free ticTOCs Table of Contents service has been given a glowing and comprehensive review by Dr Péter Jacsó who regularly reviews electronic resources for Gale (an electronic resources service provider). We introduced ticTOCs in this blog a while ago – there are still plenty of free leaflets in the library.

Jacsó says, for instance: “There are only a few functionally similar digital alternatives to what ticTOCs offers – and most of them are not free […] the rich content of ticTOCs is free of charge to anyone. You don’t even have to register for the latter, unless you want to have its special features, like having a list of preferred journals selected and stored, which obviously requires some kind of authentication for retrieval, like a user-id and password combination.

“ticTOCs is a current awareness service, not a historical archive. It does not aggregate the records for the back issues of journals, (at least not for the public), therefore the size of the database reflects the number of records for the recently published papers and for the ones in the queue of papers that were accepted and are to be published.

“When you consider that at the end of March Scopus had 267,417 records for papers published or to be published in 2009 (i.e. including the preliminary records for 53,617 articles in press, which is an excellent feature), then all of a sudden, the 344,713 records in ticTOCs gets very impressive, especially for the purpose of a current awareness service”.

Well worth reading the whole review.


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  1. Thanks for that, and for making the leaflets available.

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