2,500 ebooks from Oxford Scholarship Online

Anne Jarvis, the new Head Librarian of the University Library, has announced access to a substantial new ebook resource: Oxford Scholarship Online:

Thanks to a generous benefaction the University Library has been able to take a significant leap forward in improving its support for undergraduate learning by acquiring access in perpetuity to all titles in the Oxford Scholarship Online collection of ebooks published to the end of 2008.

This collection provides quick and easy access to the full text of over 2,500 books published by Oxford University Press in a wide-ranging group of subjects from biology to religion, ranging through business and management, economics, classical studies, history, literature, mathematics, music, philosophy, and political science. It is widely viewed as one of the most impressive ebook collections available and one of the few to be aimed principally at undergraduate students.

These ebooks will all be accessible shortly through Newton and off campus with a Raven id and password.

Adding up all the ebook sources now available to members of the University, we have access to well over half a million ebooks in total and around 30,000 recently published titles.


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