MyiLibrary ebook access

As noted in the ebooks@cambridge weblog, MyiLibrary, a provider of over 500 ebooks, has ‘upgraded’ its platform. The direct access link has changed to although access via Newton is unaffected. We had very little notice of the change and Sarah Stamford, ebooks@cambridge Project Manager and Selwyn College Librarian, has gone back to them about this.

Off campus users will be presented with a MyiLibrary login page and should click on the ‘Select your location’ drop-down box under ‘Institutional Access’, selecting ‘UK Access Management Federation’ from the options listed. A list of institutions should appear from which select ‘University Library, Cambridge’. Then you will be presented with a Raven login screen and, finally, you can access the ebooks. 

Except for 5 ebooks on the Taylor & Francis platform (supplied without MARC records and we are still waiting for them), all 1,000+ ebooks@cambridge supplied ebooks are now on Newton. Ebooks@cambridge is based at Selwyn College Library.

Rather confusingly, the UL, in a separate operation, also supplies ebooks (and a lot more in number) at eresources@cambridge – ebooks. However, note that the ebooks acquired by the UL (such as the Oxford Scholarship Online titles) are not in Newton.

RANT: I wish people would not name things ‘something@something’ – it causes confusion with email and blog entries and wastes time having to correct links which the software assumes – and sometimes insists – is an email address.


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