New look for Newton

newton-newlogoA new look Newton Library Catalogue will be launched officially on Monday 27 July by the Cambridge University Library. Check out this working preview. Presumably the the usual Newton web link will point to this from Monday.

The new interface benefits from a cleaner look, simplified navigation and integration with Google books. The revisions to the catalogue have been developed through a process of user testing with library users and staff. The layout is much clearer for the search results and benefits all round from more white space and greater flexibility.

The ‘icing on the cake’ is the set of neat icons for different types of material:

newtlogo-book book;    newtlogo-journals journal;    newtlogo-visualmat01newtlogo-visualmat02   visual material (two icons??);    newtlogo-music music;    newtlogo-map map;    newtlogo-computerfile computer file.

These are only the ones we found quickly – there could be many more. Tell us if you find more. Not sure about the ‘eye’ icon for visual material and the map icon could be a simpler north-south-east-west arrow symbol.

Newton remains the online catalogue for the libraries of the University, including Cambridge University Library and its dependent libraries, and most faculty, departmental and college libraries.


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The Library of Homerton College, University of Cambridge.
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