Intute internet tutorials updated

Intute logo Intute, a free online service which collects together academically approved web resources, has updated 23 of its internet tutorials and introduced eight new ones. The tutorials are designed for university students and they are freely available in Intute’s Virtual Training Suite. Their purpose is to teach internet research skills for degree subjects to help students make successful use of the internet for their coursework.

To quote from the Intute blog:

[The tutorials] are ideal for students looking for advice and guidance on using the Web for their studies, especially those who:

  • struggle to find the right information for university work.
  • get marked down for citing inappropriate sources in their assignments.
  • rely too heavily on Google, Wikipedia and the open Web, because they are unaware of key academic and library sources.

All the tutorials have been written and reviewed by lecturers and librarians from UK universities, who are experienced Internet researchers.

Intute, which until 2006 it was known as the Resource Discovery Network (RDN), comprises a consortium of seven UK universities. Its website is well worth exploring.


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