Raven passwords for off campus access: final stage

From now on, Raven passwords (referred to below under the generic name of  ‘Shibboleth’) should be usable for virtually all off-campus access to electronic resources. All staff and students should have been allocated a Raven password when joining the University. See link at end of this post for queries about Raven.

From Patricia Killiard, Head of Electronic Services and Systems at Cambridge University Library:

For over two years University Library and Central Sciences Library staff have been working with the Computing Service on managing the transition from Athens to Shibboleth for remote access to electronic resources. Shibboleth, often referred to on publishers’ sites as ‘Institutional Login’, allows users to log in with their Raven passwords when working off campus. Athens passwords have not been in use since July 2008.

Most publishers have made the transition to Shibboleth. For those who haven’t, it has been possible until now to log in using the Athens links on publishers’ web sites which take the users through a gateway to the Raven login page. That option has now ceased (as of 1 August). [For] the small number of remaining publishers who don’t support Shibboleth/Raven access, the electronic resources team have re-routed links on eresources@cambridge and ejournals@cambridge through the library’s proxy server so that Raven passwords can still be used.

Staff and students who report problems with access to resources remotely should be directed to eresources@cambridge (http://www.lib.cam.ac.uk/electronicresources/) and ejournals@cambridge (http://sfx7.exlibrisgroup.com/cambridge/az) where they will find the correct links.

A set of Raven FAQs is available at http://www.lib.cam.ac.uk/CSL/ravenqanda.htm


In summary, to avoid problems with off campus access it is recommended that you access electronic resources via eresources@cambridge or ejournals@cambridge.

This especially applies to the few publishers who do not yet support Shibboleth (Nature, Wiley Blackwell, Taylor&Francis/Informaworld, Ingenta and Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing).

When you are asked to log in, use one of the following links:

  • Shibboleth login
  • Login via your home institution
  • Institution login

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