Cambridge Libraries widget for Facebook, iGoogle

Users of Facebook, iGoogle or CamTools can now add a Cambridge Libraries Widget to their pages. The Widget, which takes only seconds to install, allows you to search, view your library profile, view and renew loans, and view and cancel requests within the above three web applications.

The Widget covers only Voyager libraries so, unfortunately, you cannot use it to renew or reserve items at Homerton College Library. However, remember that you can access your Homerton account online (and search our full catalogue) using our Heritage Online system.

UPDATE: I should have mentioned that:

  • This Widget is a product of the Arcadia Programme, developed by the University Library and the University’s CARET (Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies).
  • The Arcadia Project blog is worth reading  if you are interested in web application projects and the creative ideas in this direction being developed for the University.
  • The University Library Toolbox, from where the Libraries Widget is linked to above, is a useful growing collection of browser toolbars, reference managment systems, search plugins and the like.

About homlib

The Library of Homerton College, University of Cambridge.
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