Backup your data

The other day a student in the library had a problem with the PWF machine she was using. She thought she had lost all her previous four hours’ work. Luckily, the PWF seemed to ‘wake up’ again and she found her work (minus the most recent paragraph). Imagine the relief she must have felt.

Now I have just received an Homerton IT Department newsletter in my email which included this item:  

Just finished that really important assignment and ready to print it in the morning? […] Thought about external backup?

Make sure you always have a backup of your data. Your PC’s operating system can nearly always be recovered, programs reinstalled but data… well that‘s a lot harder and very costly unless you know what you are doing.

The University provides you 500MB of data storage on the PWF and you can access that from the web via

So backup that data to netstorage and sleep easily.

Want an alternative, then get a large USB memory stick or USB external hard drive and backup to there. Just be aware that if anything happened to your room then you may lose both copies… netstorage is a better solution and it is also backed up by the University.

So, you have your own online storage space on the PWF. And you can use a memory stick: a 4GB memory stick costs only a few pounds—just remember not to leave it in the library (we have quite a large collection here)!

And you could even email a copy  of your work (ie. attach it to your email) to your own online email account such as Google Mail which provides over 7GB of free storage.


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