Ejournal off campus access improved

Notification has been received via lib-list online mailing list about an improvement in ejournal access. Basically, it is a response to a substantial increase in help-desk requests regarding off campus access after the transition to Shibboleth was made last summer (‘Shibboleth’ being, like, a new and improved ‘Athens’ that allows us to use our own Raven logins). This paragraph in the email concisely explains the improvement:

When ‘off-campus’ and clicking on title links in the [UL ejournal] A-Z, readers will be routed to the journal site via a proxy server. They should be immediately prompted to enter a Raven username and password, rather than having to find an institutional login link and follow the often varied and convoluted identification mechanism behind it.

If you have tried to access ejournals off campus you will know that it can often be a frustrating not to mention a tedious and sometimes fruitless task. This change should be a welcome improvement.

However, note that the new easier access will work only if you access an ejournal via the UL ejournal A-Z list. Any other access, for example via Google or a specific bookmark, will normally still request login using a Shibboleth or institutional gateway link.


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