University Library to allow all undergraduates to borrow

University LibraryMessage from Anne Jarvis, University Librarian, Cambridge University Library:

I would like to draw your attention to a Notice that appeared in the Reporter on 21 July 2010 which is summarized below:

On the recommendation of the Library Syndicate the General Board have approved the following amendments to the regulations for the use of the University Library:

  • to change the date of annual inspection [to a week or so earlier],
  • to allow all undergraduates [rather than just 3rd year] and persons following accredited courses in the Institute to Continuing Education to borrow books.
  • The reference to Homerton College in Regulation 5(3) as been removed as it is now a full College of the University.

The regulations have been amended as follows:

With immediate effect –

  • Regulation 3: By amending the regulation so as to read:

The Library shall be closed for the second full week (Monday to Saturday) of September, for the purpose of an annual inspection and the preparation of lists of missing books. No books shall be taken out of the Library during this period.

  • Regulation 5(1): By amending the footnote attached to the first sentence so as to read:

[footnote 2] For the purposes of this regulation the term ‘diploma or certificate of the University’ does not apply to certificates or proficiency awarded by the Language Centre or to certificates and diplomas open to non-members of the University, except for those administered by the Institute of Continuing Education.

With effect from 1 October 2010 –

  • Regulation 5(3):

(3) Not more than five volumes may be borrowed by (a) undergraduates, and (b) Affiliated Students.

[5(3) previously read:

(3) Not more than five volumes may be borrowed by (a) undergraduates of at least six terms’ standing, including those qualified under Regulation 5 for Homerton College, and (b) Affiliated Students.]


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