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Hi – My name is Sam :)  :)(wierd picture of me to the right)

I’m Going into my final year at St bedes Inter-church School in Cherry Hinton.

 Towards the end of year 10, we are given the opportunity to get a feel for the World of work as teachers at my school call it. The majority of options we are offered to choose from (unlike some other schools we are already connected to some businesses for work experience placements) are mostly retail or teaching. That didn’t suit me since I’m not a comfortable person in that sort of environment i.e really bad marks in english/drama for speaking and listening etc around that area.

We still had the option of looking for our own placements and since my choices were taken because of their unique popularity, i went looking for another place to spend two weeks of July. The idea of a library job appealed to me because it didn’t need me to meet and get to know thousands of people and wasn’t a very stressful hard hands on jobs.

My school got in touch with Homerton and i got a place here for two weeks. I rather like it – straight forward jobs in a quiet building. Staff here are friendly and i found the only thing disappointing about the two weeks is the journey to and from Cambridge since i live in Bar Hill a few miles down the A14 and i bike here around Madingley/ Dry Drayton – quite tiring but the rest is restful.

As well as being a secondary school student and a long distance not-so-confident biker, i have a few hobbies mainly on Computer, i play warhammer (a strategy game with dice and miniatures – a dungeons and dragons type game) – , i like love swimming, tennis and badminton. I want to become a games designer and i create YouTube videos from time to time.

A blog post seemed a good idea so this long one is mainly about who i am and why i am here…


About homlib

The Library of Homerton College, University of Cambridge.
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