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Post 2 – Day four :)

I am attempting to post a blog entry every other day starting last tuesday until next friday when i finish work experience. I think i ought to talk about my thoughts/opinions on the last few days. Monday, i was feeling nervous and the general  small-fish-in-a-big-pond feeling of not knowing quite what to expect of something new.

As i said last time, everyone was very nice and i got on much better than i thought i might but being me i wasn’t thinking big at the time and i was not in any way certain about how i would get on here, only that i would be doing some admin work and book shelving/ meeting new people and sometimes visiting games workshop (warhammer) on regent street from time to time when i have a chance in lunch break (since it is in effect part of hills road and is very easy to bike to).

There is still admin work and book shelving but by tuesday i have got over my first impressions and worries and was ready for pretty well anything someone in my position might expect – except the long bike ride to and from Homerton College.

Day three – Wednesday i posted the blog from tuesday (it was meant to be tuesday but we had technical difficulties concerning a camera which i can now use the photo we (me and Tim) took. Apart from that the same things happen but in a different order.

Later in the week I will be putting together a display from a couple of childrens Literature authors that i enjoyed the books of when i was younger. That is another intresting project i am looking forward to finishing whilst i am here besides this blog. Liz and Robin have been very nice and generous letting me do this and it is very helpful not doing the same things in the same routine everyday.

That is about it that i can think will make a blog posted in the slightest way intresting…next post may be on Monday probably unless i decide to do one on saturday…if i can get out of bed (long bike rides have many draw backs) – it may happen though… :)


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