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Day 6 – post 3…

Monday mornings are always tiring for everyone with work/compulsory education…now a bike ride in doesn’t help too much in staying alive enough to sort books but oh well, managed it anyway.

Over the few days i have been here i have been talking to more people and learning about more jobs that are slightly different to secondary school – today is another aftr lunch sometime then but i can’t remember what it was or what it is so that doesn’t help.

Note to anyone regularly reading this blog – they are likely to get smaller each day because of lack or stuff to say that is mildly interesting :/ Plus everyone who reads this probably knows quite a lot about the homerton library anyway. But i will still keep up putting the blogs down whilst not going on and on about slightly obscurer subjects. :)

I have recently watched The golden compass after borrowing it over the weekend from the library partly to do with the fact i need to produce a Philip Pullman/ Phillipa Pearce display before the end of this week and partly because i have never seen the film before and i have always wanted to. I found out quite soon it had quite a few more people that i knew more than i had guessed  in it and the director had done quite a good job with it/ Philip Pullman also for writing the northern lights.

I also have managed to sell something on ebay for the first time in my life – mainly some older warhammer miniatures i had (to buy some new ones mostly or possibly a game or two/Dvd).

Going back to work experience again i feel tempted one day before the end of my fortnight to try and beat the lift that carries book trolley’s up and down the floors down to the ground from the second floor just for fun but i am deciding against that just in case it ends up to be the day a member of staff from school walks in to check at me – just a thought – seeing my fly down the staircase at top speed aiming to break my neck is (i think) not a very productive idea…

anyway, i’ll find something more interesting to talk about on  wednesday…thanks for reading :)


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