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Day 8 – Post 4

I can now say that i have finished two displays for the library, one on Childrens author in the rare books cabinet and one on the Philippa Pearce Memorial Lecture.

The Pearce Lecture first: I have created two posters and chosen a selection of books written by Philippa Pearce and Philip Pullman who is giving the Lecture in September in Homerton College. One Poster is on the Lecture(s) itself and one is on the two authors. Microsoft Publisher however didn’t want me to make these posters and refused to let me save them :( oh well they are printed now and publisher is still a nusiance.

The other Display is on Rare books (but doesn’t display just rare book) written by two authors: Beatrix Potter and A A Milne both childhood (doesn’t seem very far back yet) favourites of mine.

I have put a few of their books on display as well as a few bits of information about them and a squirrel (not sure where that came from :) ) to make it look nice.

My Next post will be my last one as it will be the end of my two weeks here :( and then my last 3.5 days at school :) in year 10.


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