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Day 10 – post 5

Last Post (not the piece of music) I’m still unsure whether i should be happy or sad about going back to school…for 3.5 days or so. But it has still been a good two weeks – weekends. Everyone has been very helpful and left me with very good impressions of the college and its library which is what they were also trying to do as well as teaching me the most important thing i have learnt whilst being here … librarians live on tea breaks and also that libraries are very different from what people perceive them as = a building with lots of shelves and stacks of books on those shelves.

They are important facilities with resources for teaching and recreation (for those who like reading)  and the people who run them do a lot more than people might think considering all the things the obviously do but we tend to forget or not glance at. Ordering books, ordering other resources such as CD’s and DVD’s, cataloguing, shelving, maintaining the look and function of the library on a day to day basis: checking books, circulating them within the system of issuing and returning, monitoring doors and people-walking-through who-look-like-they-are-up-to-mischief etc etc etc

I can also see that even from being in a library, work is hard or in my case the journey is tiring or the work in my case also can get a little repetitive but for the right people with the right jobs the rewards are great and well worth the effort put in. Reap what you sow and you should be happy. I have left the library with two displays, less work to do and the college with a few less drinks to drink. I have gained an interest in Philip Pullman unexpectedly after watching the golden compass very kindly lent to me over the weekend and a opinion stating i never want to shelf another book again after this.

I think it has been good and my head agrees (thank goodness) and i think the library staff do as well. They have helped me to enjoy this part of compulsory education seeing it less as two weeks of work and more like two weeks off of schools with a change of scenery for 3 extra hours, a long bike ride and a few extra chores to do.

:) I am happy and content and thanks again for reading this blog, i won’t do another…probably not anyway…


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