Philippa Pearce Memorial Lecture 2011

Philippa Pearce Memorial LectureIt is almost five years ago since local author Philippa Pearce died on 21 December 2006. Since 2008 the Faculty of Education, sponsored by Homerton College, has celebrated her contribution to children’s literature with the annual Philippa Pearce Memorial Lecture.

This year’s lecture in September was given by Philip Pullman. There is a video (and a transcript) of his lecture available at Also transcripts of some previous years’ lectures.

Although the lectures were originally planned to run just for five years, they have now been extended for the foreseeable future. The lectures are funded entirely by donations and one annual collection.

Our library holds a large collection of Philippa’s books in the extensive children’s literature collection on the first floor, believed to be one of the country’s largest collections of children’s literature.


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