A closer look at the refurbished library

Our newly refurbished library has now been open for over a month. With the refurbishment we were able to make lots of improvements to the library. There is now more shelving than before for our growing collections, and there are several completely new features which are explored below.

Self-issue machine and plasma screen

Self issue machine and plasma screen

Self-issue machine and plasma screen

Our new security and issue system means that borrowing books is even easier than before. At the self-issue machine you can borrow multiple items at once, simply by scanning your University Card and placing the items in the hole in the machine. You do not need to scan any barcodes on the books, the machine will detect them automatically. You can check your account and renew items at the machine. There should also be fewer alarms going off by accident!

Above the self-issue machine, a brand new plasma screen will display news and information about using the library.

Enquiry desk and librarian’s office

Letty and Annie usually sit at the enquiry desk, and will be happy to help you if you have any questions. At the enquiry desk there is also the reservations shelf, and various information leaflets. Liz and Robin work in the office, but they have an open door policy, so do go in if you want to speak to them.

Enquiry desk

The new enquiry desk and office

Reading area

On the ground floor near the library entrance there is an area with comfortable seating. We put out daily newspapers here, along with leaflets and brochures about events in Cambridge. On the shelves in this area are the latest issues of some of the journals we subscribe to, as well as our Quick Reference collection which has things like dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, and books on careers.

Reading area

Reading area

Study space

Driven by the feedback you gave us in the furniture survey we ran last year, when we bought new chairs we got two different types, so hopefully everyone will be able to find a comfortable place to sit and study. The new big tables have power sockets in them, and we kept the old study carrels. Not everyone studies in the same way, so you can choose whether you want to spread out or have your own private study space.

IT area

We have a new IT area where the enquiry desk used to be on the ground floor, which has 7 PCs, a Mac, a colour printer and 2 scanners (one connected to the Mac, one connected to a PC). These are not the only computers available in the library though, there are two on the 1st floor and three on the 2nd floor.

IT area

Ground floor IT area

Children’s Literature and Multimedia collections

The Children’s Literature collection and the multimedia collection (CDs, DVDs and sheet music) are now both housed on the top floor, where there is more space for them.

Refurbished Library

We hope you like the refurbished library!


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