Remember the Reference Section (1): Quotations

Did you know… the reference section (to the right of the self-issue kiosk alcove) contains a variety of compilations of quotations? They range from literature to science and are fascinating for both academic and personal interest!

ReferenceCassell Companion to Quotations – 082 DIC/QUO(CAS)
The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations – 082 DIC/QUO(OXF)
The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations – 082 DIC/QUO(OXF)
The New Penguin Dictionary of Modern Quotations – 082 DIC/QUO(PEN)
The Penguin Thesaurus of Quotations – 082 DIC/QUO(PEN)
Oxford Dictionary of Scientific Quotations – 509 OXF
The Oxford Dictionary of Political Quotations – 082 DIC/QUO(OXF)
Quotation Index to Children’s Literature – 808.8 QUO



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