National Libraries Week: Robin

Continuing the posts for National Libraries Week … I am Robin, the Deputy Librarian, and I work in the Library Office with Liz (College Librarian) behind the glassy walls! I never mind being interrupted, so even if I look as if I am married to my computer I am actually perfectly happy to help out with queries and how to find stuff.

I am the person who orders most of the new books and other library materials which have come to my attention through reading lists, DoS’s requests, student requests or directly from Liz. So I busy myself ordering them via a fancy on-line ordering site on which I can request books to be bound or otherwise covered and which shelfmark we would like to have placed on each book along with some other marks and stamps. As part of the ordering process, a file of new book orders are then imported directly into our library catalogue so that you can see immediately that a particular book is on order along with a rough idea of how long it will take to come.

Then, when the book arrives, I ‘receive’ it into the library, ensure that it is going to what I always hope will be an appropriate location in the library (by means of the shelfmark on the book) and catalogue it onto the university library system.

Please do let us know if you find we don’t have a book you need – you will find a Request Book on the top of the Enquiry Desk. All we need to know is your name and email, as careful details of the required book as you can give us, and the course you need it for. We will let you know when the book arrives and reserve it for you if you want us to. Also, if you need a book particularly urgently we can often help out if it is available locally in Cambridge although quite a few academic books do need to be ordered in. It is also really helpful if you let us know if a particular book seems to be in great demand and then we can consider getting another copy.

I really enjoy my job and take a lot of pleasure in helping to ensure you all have access to the books and library resources you need.
Finally, as it is National Libraries Week I just want to say that one of my all time top favourite books is Henry Handel Richardson’s ‘Maurice Guest’ published in 1908 and still great!


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