National Libraries Week: Yiting, Karen and Alys

National Libraries Day LogoSo far in our National Libraries Week series we’ve heard from Liz, Annie, Robin and Letty – the four regular members of staff working in the library. However we also have a small army of student helpers who take turns to do the shelving each morning. Two of our lovely student helpers have told us what they love about the library:


I am a second-year phD student studying Architecture. Every Tuesday Morning I work in Homerton Library as a student helper. And my work is to re-shelve those returned books. I regard this as a great opportunity to gain some difference experience from these three to four years’ study in Cambridge.

More important, as a more frequent ‘library user’ myself, I love the atmosphere of Homerton Library. Besides, a great thing about working here as I gradually discover, is that I get to know so many books of other areas and their location. What’s more, I might also look at it as a wonderful way of doing exercise, in fact. I am so pleased to do the work, also because I am so happy to see a cooperative student team in the Library this year as we spend time on this.


Hi, I’m Karen, a first year postgraduate student at Homerton and a student helper in the college library. If I’m honest, my main reason for wanting to help out in the library is because I’m a bit of a library geek! I don’t know what it is, I just love being around books. I also know from my own experience how frustrating it can be not being able to find a book that you need because it has been put back in the wrong place. I find it interesting to see what resources the library has, and quite often I find that I pick up a book to re-shelve, think ‘oh, that looks good’, and end up taking it out myself! Recently I even borrowed a book about economics, and coming from an arts and humanities background this is not something I would ever go and actively look for!

Someone else you may have seen around the library is Alys, who has been volunteering in the library on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. We asked Alys to tell us a little about what she has been working on:


Hi, I am Alys and I’m currently a volunteer at the Homerton College Library. I help to prepare the books going out onto the shelves but I also have helped with a large donation of books the Library received in the subject of Drama and Plays.

The Library received a donation of about 200 or so books. My job was to enter each book onto a spreadsheet and to search the Library catalogue to see if if there was already a copy in the Library. It was fascinating to see the names of so many playwrights and to see what plays they wrote and when they were written.

The Library drama section, hopefully, will benefit from this large donation.

It’s very interesting, also, to see the range of subjects which are available in Homerton Library and become familiar with the shelving system.

National Libraries Day itself is tomorrow, Saturday 9th February. How will you be celebrating?

National Libraries Day - Use it. Love it. Join it!


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