CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Medal winners 2013

The winners of the 2013 CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medals have been announced! The Carnegie Medal was won by Sally Gardner with her book Maggot Moon, and Levi Pinfold took the Kate Greenaway Medal with Black Dog.

From the CILIP website:

Both winning books are tales of triumph over terror. In Gardner’s Maggot Moon, the unlikely young hero Standish who, like his creator, is dyslexic, stands up to a sinister dictatorship whilst friends and family around him ‘disappear’. Pinfold’s Black Dog sees a little girl called Small Hope facing fear head-on in the form of a monstrous giant black dog. Both Gardner and Pinfold are entering the children’s books hall of fame as first-time winners of the coveted golden medals. They each receive £500 worth of books to donate to their local library. Pinfold is also awarded the £5,000 Colin Mears Award cash prize.

At the ceremony Gardner, who perceives her dyslexia as a gift, spoke up for children for whom reading and writing does not come easily, and the librarians and teachers that help them. She also criticised Michael Gove’s new curriculum.

We have Maggot Moon at shelfmark 823 GAR(MAG). We have placed an order for Black Dog so that should be here shortly.

The Carnegie Medal shortlist:

The Kate Greenaway Medal shortlist:

Are you pleased with the results? Which were your favourites from the shortlists?


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