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2013-07-31 12.14.39

Getting started on the sheet music project … making a bit of a mess! The end result …2013-08-08 11.45.23

Hi, my name is Naomi! I’m a final-year student at Homerton College and I’ve just finished two weeks of work experience at Homerton library. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to work in a library (exactly how do they organise all those books?!), and so this summer I decided to find out for myself. The library staff have been really welcoming and shown me loads about what goes on behind the scenes, from ordering hundreds of new books from reading lists to the cataloguing system and online side of things, including of course, the weblog. I’ve also had the chance to get stuck into some projects that are being done over the summer (a good chance to do big tasks when there are fewer students around). Annie (the senior library assistant) and I have been working on re-organising the sheet music collection (see photos!), and one of the highlights has been exploring the rare books collection and putting together a display. The two weeks have flown by, and after having got a taste of what working in a library would be like, I’m really keen to find out more about possible careers. 



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The Library of Homerton College, University of Cambridge.
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