Library services during the Christmas Vacation


Snowman by jasonbolonski on Flickr

While it is hard to believe, we are nearly at the end of term, and the Christmas Vacation will soon be here!

All items borrowed between today and Thursday 28th November will be due on Friday 29th November, the fixed return date for the end of term.

At 9.30am on Friday 29th November, Vacation borrowing will begin. All items borrowed or renewed from the 29th onwards will be due back after the Vacation.

The Library will be open 24/7 for almost all of the Vacation, however the entire Mary Allan Building will be closed from 5pm on 24th December until 8am on 26th December. The Library will be unstaffed from lunchtime on 24th December until Thursday 2nd January.

If you have any questions about Library services during the Vacation, please pop in and see us, or send an email to


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