Using the Library during Easter Term

The Easter vacation has arrived, and with it are a number of temporary changes in the Library to hopefully improve everyone’s ability to revise and work there.

First of all, from Monday 17th March, the 3-day slips used to keep books and papers on tables will be replaced by 24 hour slips. Any piles that do not have an up to date slip will be removed to trolleys positioned by the stairs on each floor.

When you leave any material on a desk, whether books, papers or other belongings, they should be left neatly in a single pile, allowing the rest of the desk space to be used by someone else. Untidy piles may be tidied or moved to the trolleys by library staff. We will leave a note if we have done this.

Please be aware that the desks and computers are for the use of all students, and are not reservable for extended periods of time. Also, whilst we appreciate you may wish to have good luck cards or other personal items around you whilst you study, please tidy them away into your pile when you leave for the day.

water bottleFood and drink rules remain the same (only bottled water allowed). We will remove any other items down to the Library office, where you can reclaim them. This includes, but is not limited to, cans of energy drinks, crisps, biscuits etc. Squash and biscuits at 3.30pm on weekdays will start from Tuesday 22nd April. This is your one legitimate excuse to eat biscuits in the library, though only by the door!

Particularly throughout this approaching revision period, please respect all other users of the Library and keep noise to a minimum. Conversations should all be taken outside and phones should be on silent. During the College quiet period it can be a disciplinary offence to disturb your fellow students. During squash and biscuits sessions noise levels may rise slightly for a few minutes, but anyone wanting a proper break and conversation should collect their refreshments and head outside.

biscuit stack with books


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