Getting started: Printing and photocopying services – the basics

One of the most frequently asked questions by new students at the Enquiry desk has been about printing. Therefore, we have decided to post this brief introduction to printing as a quick reminder for when you need to print quickly and haven’t got time to ask!

“I’ve topped up my U-Pay account, can I use that money to print?”
The U-Pay system is used mainly for buying food in College and isn’t used for printing credit. Homerton is part of the ‘Common Balance’ print ecredit system (mainly known as ecredit!). You can use your ecredit to print and photocopy at lots of locations throughout the University, not just at Homerton.

“How do I get ecredit?
You can add credit to your ecredit account (minimum of £5) using a bank or credit card online at There is also a shortcut on the MCS computers in the Library: Start > All Programs > Account Management > eCredit. You can also check how much credit you currently have in your account.

“How do I use my ecredit to photocopy?”
Our new photocopier allows you to use your ecredit balance for photocopying. You just need to bring your University card with you to activate the photocopying machine. It will bring up a screen which shows you your Cambridge ID number and current balance. Just make sure to log out afterwards (unless you are feeling particularly generous of course!).

“Which printer do I select?”
We have one printer in the Library (an A4 HP Color Laserjet) located on the ground floor next to the MCS computers. You can print either from your own computer via the wireless network using the Papercut application or from any MCS Mac or PC workstation located on any floor. Just select the correct printer from the print menu for either black and white (Hom_Lib_BW) or colour printing (Hom_Lib_Col).

“How much does it cost?”
It costs 5p to print or photocopy a black and white side or 25p for each colour side.

If you are still unsure, please do come and ask during staffed hours (9-5) or via email.
For more information, you can look at our IT guide or pick up a paper copy to take away with you when you are next in the Library.


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The Library of Homerton College, University of Cambridge.
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