What would you like to find? The conundrum of the catalogues

Cryptic terms such as Newton, Heritage and lego sherlock and watsonLibrary-Search probably first appeared at Library inductions where they may have seemed quite puzzling, but each is referring to a Library catalogue. With access at home or on campus, the catalogues are the fastest way to locate an item; whether you have a reference to a resource or wish to discover new items in the collection by subject or author.

A great student suggestion from the last Library Survey was a poster which explained the differences between the catalogues used by the University of Cambridge (aka the secret reason we have so many!) So, we listened to your suggestion and here is the finished result!

click map

Heritage Online Catalogue





If you want to select a catalogue by the resources you need or the libraries you can access, just follow the coloured pointers on the poster to select the recommended catalogue to use.

Each catalogue has its own helpful features which suit different search preferences so it is worth spending a couple of minutes to find out what works best for you (-no magnifying glass needed!).

The best features are summarised in the text box under the catalogue logo which directly links to each catalogue.

You can find a copy of this poster displayed near our search terminals in the Library and also on our Pinterest page if you want to refer to it at any time.

Further Library mysteries solved

Top SecretThe mystery of the Library codenames
Solution: The number on the spine of the book is otherwise known as the shelfmark so this is the bit you need to write down in order to hunt for that book. Make sure you include both the numbers and all the following letters.

Top SecretThe mystery of the coloured boxes
Solution: If you search Heritage for a Homerton Library book, then you will see the class (subject category) is highlighted in a coloured text box. This matches the colours used on our floor maps of the Library which you can puzzle over on the end of the shelves next to the Enquiry Desk.


Problem solved!


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