What to expect in the Library during Easter Term

During the Easter term, a number of temporary changes occur to make the Library a pleasant environment for everyone to revise and study.

orange squashSquash & Biscuits: The library will be offering squash (cordial) and biscuits downstairs by the main entrance at 3.30pm on weekdays during full term. Please feel free to come and join library staff for a drink, biscuit and a quiet chat. Please note that there may be a slight increase in noise during this time.

notepad_pencil3_hires2Leaving books and papers on desks: Three-day ‘in use’ notes are being replaced with 24 hour notes, so we can monitor and clear desks more quickly, and prevent desk hogging. We also ask that you keep papers, books, folders etc tidy when using a slip, and leave room on a desk for someone else to use it whilst you are not there. Anyone with a messy desk will get a ‘yellow card’ notice to tidy up. If no spring cleaning  occurs, belongings will be moved and replaced with a ‘red card’ notice.

Brew2Drinks: Only covered drinks should be consumed in the library, please do not bring in mugs or other containers without lids. No food should be brought into the library either. Please use your hunger to take a break from revision, fuel up and get some fresh air. You will then work better when you come back to the library!

PhonesPhones: Please also ensure your phones are on silent in the Library, and conversation is kept to a minimum.Exam usage of facilties

Missing the use of the Lower Study Room? Details of extra study rooms available in MAB for quiet and silent revision have been posted on the Library doors. Did you know that the library computers are equipped with all the same programmes as those in the Lower Study Room?

Don’t have any exams, or finished them all? Fantastic! Please respect those still revising and celebrate in style away from the library building.

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