Introducing Megan

Hello! I’m Megan Kelly, the new part time Library Assistant at Homerton College Library.

I’m easy to spot as A: I am at the front desk and B: have a North American accent. Makes me hard to miss! I hope you’ll come by and say hello! I’m closest to the computers, so am able to help sort out most printer issues. I also have IT on speed dial, which helps enormously. I try to be in first thing in the mornings, and am happy to help right away. I may have graduated in 2012 but I remember how stressful it was! Remember to take time for rest and relaxing as well! All the librarians here have wide reading and film tastes, so we’re bound to find something fun to send you home with, be it a book or a movie.

I’m originally from Seattle, Washington and moved to England in March of this year.


Seattle: home of Sherman Alexie, Neil Stephenson, Isaac Marion, and many others

I have a bachelor degree in Writing, Literature, and Publishing. Librarianship came later when I realized how cutthroat publishers were. Terrifying! I completed my masters up in Scotland and as much as I love living near Cambridge, I do miss Glasgow. To be honest, I’m just glad to be back in a country where getting a decent cup of tea is the norm!

You can find me at the front desk four days a week (Monday, Wednesday – Friday). On Tuesdays I go up to the main University Library (UL) to work at the Reader Service Desk. I really enjoy working up at the UL as it’s such a different type of library. It’s a legal repository, which means it gets over 2,000 books a week….I’m a bibliophile but even that’s a bit much! The UL is a great study space as well as having unique resources. If you have any questions about the UL, I’m happy to talk about how to get registered, how to get there, and the yummy lunches the tea room offers.

On Monday afternoons, I go up to the Office of Scholarly Communications, which handles, amongst other things, the legal digital repository, copyright issues, and Open Access (OA). If you have any questions about copyright and/or OA, I’m happy to help.

Librarian stats

Favourite book: (I always feel like I should apologize to my bookcases but…) Neverwhere bygaiman Neil Gaiman. I’ll never look at the Underground in the same way again…or Harrods or doors….

Currently reading: I always have at least three books on the go (one for the train, one beside the bed, and one just floating around). The main one is Mary Beard’s SPQR. I’ve been lucky enough to meet her (well, more like say hello as she whipped past) at the UL a few times now. If you’re interested in Roman history, try any of her books.

What I do in my spare time: When I’m not reading, I’m knitting (almost done with my first pair of socks!), making things out of paper (flowers currently), or pretending I’m preparing for the Bake Off (bread and I are not seeing eye to eye at the moment).


About homlib

The Library of Homerton College, University of Cambridge.
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