It’s oh so quiet…

Annually during Easter term, a couple of changes occur to make the Library a pleasant environment for everyone to revise and study. With more people than usual using the Library during the Easter vacation, we have introduced these changes slightly earlier than normal in the hope that even more people feel comfortable using the Library.

Silent space: The Library is always kept as a quiet space throughout the year, but we are always especially keen to promote this during Easter term and the Quiet Period at Homerton. Posters have appeared in the Library as an added reminder to ensure your phones are on silent mode, message notifications are switched and conversation is kept to a minimum.

24 hours slips introduced for leaving books and papers on desks: Three-day ‘in use’ notes are being replaced with 24 hour notes, so we can monitor and clear desks more quickly, and prevent desk hogging. We also ask that you keep papers, books, folders etc tidy when using a slip, and leave room on a desk for someone else to use it whilst you are not there.

Back by popular demand, squash and biscuits will appear during full term so that you can take a break and refresh yourselves! Posters will appear soon giving full details.

If you have any questions about the 24 hours slips or have any suggestions to ensure the Library meets everyone’s needs, please email us at or speak to a member of staff.


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