IT and printing


There are 13 Managed Cluster Service (MCS) computers in the Library. These include both PCs and Macs. In the unusual situation that all of the computers are in use, there are additional workstations in the Lower Computer Room in the Cavendish Building.


The library, in common with the rest of Homerton College, is an Eduroam wi-fi zone. Eduroam, being an international organization, offers access to members at any institution worldwide which uses Eduroam. To join eduroam, which is free of charge, access the ‘Eduroam Setup’ wifi option (which should appear on your list of wifi services) and follow the instructions.

Photocopying, printing and scanning

MCS printer credits: DS-Print In order to print and photocopy in the library you need to purchase print ecredits online from Desktop Services (DS-Print). You can also use this link to check your current printing balance. Credits can be used across many different University sites. If you have problems printing please first see one of our FAQs (click on FAQ tab near the top of the page).

Photocopying in the Library is via a mono and colour self-service photocopier located on the Ground Floor underneath the Library stairs. It is card operated using your University Card and payment is through the University’s DS-Print service. Black and white printing costs 5p per A4 page, colour 25p per A4 page. You can also use the photocopier to scan documents directly to email for free. Please ask at the enquiry desk for help. Further information about photocopying, including copyright regulations, is available in the Library on the main notice board. Also see ‘How do I photocopy?’ on our FAQ page for more about printing.

Printing is via an A4 HP Color LaserJet on the ground floor. You can print either from your own computer via the wireless network or from a Managed Cluster Service (MCS) workstation. Select the correct printer from the print menu for either mono (Hom_Lib_BW) or colour printing (Hom_Lib_Col). Also see ‘How do I print in the library?‘ on our FAQ page for more about printing.

Scanning is via two Epson V500 scanners installed on two ground floor MCS workstations: one connected to a Windows PC and the other connected to the Mac. To scan you must use on of the workstations connected to a scanner. Once logged in, just start operating the scanner and the scanning application will start up on the computer. It is best to scan using the default set up—unless you are confident about what you are doing. Basic instructions are kept next to the scanner. For comprehensive instructions on using the scanner see this Epson User Guide. It is also possible to scan on the photocopier – see above.


Raven Authentication Service  The University’s Raven login service is a vital element in accessing the online resources which you are entitled to use. It uses the ‘Shibboleth’ system to authenticate your identity. It is particularly vital for off campus access but it’s also used for accessing many internal services. The Raven web pages explain what it is, how to use it, and what to do if you have lost it.

Useful links & contact details

Homerton College IT Department
Phone: 01223 747109 (internal 47109)

Desktop Services (MCS, printing etc.)

Mobility Print wireless printing from laptops:
Website: UIS How can I print?

Raven password information

Homerton Union of Students (HUS)
Phone: 01223 747190 (internal 47190)

UCS Printroom Services (Reprographics)


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