Finding, borrowing and returning items

Finding books in the Library

If you are looking for a specific item or for books on a particular topic, search the catalogue on iDiscover (there are also two dedicated catalogue terminals on the ground floor of the library). When you have found the item you want on the catalogue, make a note of the shelfmark. This is a combination of numbers and letters (e.g. 287.9 BOY or B852 GOL) which tells you where the item is on the shelf. There are maps of the Library on each floor, and on the ‘Where things are’ page of this blog.

If you prefer to browse the shelves, there are subject lists and maps on each floor to help you find what you are looking for.

Borrowing items from the Library

A maximum of fifteen items may be borrowed at the same time from Homerton College Library. This is irrespective of items from any other library of the University. Items can be borrowed with a registered University Card at our self issue kiosk on the ground floor.

The loan period is 14 days. This applies to all our borrowable items—including CDs and DVDs. A reminder email is sent to you when the return date of an item is imminent. Return dates falling on weekends are extended to the following Monday.

You must not allow anyone else to use your University Card. Any overdue fines, lost items or other charges for someone else’s borrowing using your card remain the card owner’s responsibility.

Before the start of holiday periods, the loan return date is extended to cover the whole holiday period. Notices about this will be posted in the Library a few weeks before vacation periods.

Returning Items to the Library

All returns should either be put into the drop boxes immediately inside the Library entrance or handed in to a member of library staff.

Please return only Homerton College Library books, we do not take books belonging to other libraries.

Please do not leave returns on trolleys or anywhere else in the library.

The drop boxes are emptied each day, and all items discharged by library staff. However if you need an item to come off your account immediately (for example if the item is overdue, or if you are at your maximum of 15 items on loan and would like to return some items and take out more) then Library staff at the enquiry desk will be able to discharge the item for you.


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