Registering to use the Library and card access

Registering to use the Library

We run induction sessions for new students at the start of the academic year. If you attend one of these sessions we will register you with the Library at the end of the session, and you will be able to start borrowing straight away. If you missed the induction sessions or if you are a new member of staff, just speak to a member of staff and we can register your card and give you a quick tour of the Library.

External users may be granted access to the Library at the Librarian’s discretion, please email or call 01223 747260.

University card access to the Library

Homerton College Library is open 24 hours 7 days a week to anyone with an appropriate access card.

Library staff are available between 9.00-17.00 weekdays. Graduate students trained in the basic procedures of the Library will be present 13.00-17.00 weekends during full term.

To use Homerton College Library, you must have a University Card registered with the library, which will give you access to the Library 24 hours a day, and allow you to borrow and renew items at the self issue screens.


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