Working in the Library

Food and drink

Bottled water may be brought into the Library but please do not bring in food or open drinks.

Mobile phones

The Library is a very open space and noise travels. Please be courteous to others who are trying to work by turning your phone onto silent mode and taking all calls outside.

Leaving books on the tables

If you want to leave the books that you are using on the tables to come back to later, please fill in a peach slip so that we do not clear the books from the table. Books will be left for three days and then re-shelved (and removed from your library account if applicable) unless you renew the notice regularly. Please leave all your work in a neat pile so that others can use the table while you are away.

Lost personal items

We will remove personal property left in the library and keep it aside until claimed for – we cannot guarantee that we will retain items longer than the end of the current term. Valuable looking items will be passed to the Porters Lodge if not claimed promptly.

If you think you have left a personal item in the library, please ask initially at the Library enquiry desk or email us at


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