Your account

The library catalogue and your library account

Search our catalogue and access your library account at

To access the account features such as renewing items you have borrowed or reserving items on loan to other people, you must log in with the five character code on your University Card (on the back of your card just below the barcode usually starting with letter ‘V’).

If you have problems with the above web access, you can telephone 01223 747260 or email to renew items.

  • For a step-by-step guide to renewing and reserving items on the catalogue please see our guide to your library account [PDF].
  • For more information about the different catalogues used across the university (LibrarySearch, Newton and databases of electronic resources) please see our guide to library catalogues [PDF]

Reserving items on loan

Items on loan to someone else can be reserved at and also on the enquiry screens in the Library. For step-by-step instructions for reserving items on the catalogue please see our guide to your library account [PDF].

Current borrowers of the reserved item are informed of a reservation request. Note that they may still keep the item until its due return date, but they will not be able to renew it. To ensure prompt return, they will be fined if the item is not returned within three days of the return date.

When your reserved item is returned to the Library, you will be informed by letter and email. You must collect the item from the reserve shelf at the end of the Enquiry desk within two days.

Renewing loans (extending an item’s loan period)

The following points should be noted with regard to renewing items:

  • Online and self issue renewals are allowed only if items are three days or less overdue. If your items are more overdue you will need to contact the library to renew them.
  • Renewals are restricted to five occasions per item using the online system and our self issue screens. Further renewals must be requested at the Library enquiry desk.
  • You cannot renew items if you have overdue items or an unpaid fine. To renew overdue items, you must bring the items to the Library and present them at the enquiry desk.
  • You cannot renew an item if someone else has reserved it, but you may keep it until its due date. You will be informed by email if a reservation has been requested for an item you have on loan.

Overdue items and fines

You will be notified by email when your items are due back shortly, and you will receive regular reminders about overdue items. If items are overdue by more than three days they cannot be renewed online or at the self issue stations and you will not be able to borrow more items. You need to return the overdue items, or contact the library to renew the overdue items and remove the block from your account.

Fines are not levied on overdue items, except when the overdue items are reserved by another user. You will receive email notification of a reservation placed on an item you have on loan. You must return reserved items promptly by the due date to avoid a fine of £5 per item. You cannot borrow or renew items until you have paid any outstanding fines.

Continued failure to return Library items will result in referral to the Dean.

Lost, damaged or defaced items

If you lose a library book you will be responsible for its replacement. Please be aware that many of the textbooks we buy are very expensive (often in excess of £100).

If you spot that a library book is damaged or has been defaced, please inform a member of staff in person, or email us at Failure to report damage could result in you being held accountable as the last borrower of an item. This could result in replacement charges and referral to the Dean.


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