Free online tools or ‘web applications’

Free online tools or ‘web apps’

eresources@cambridge: We recommend that your first point of call for resource searches is eresources@cambridge. Much of the high quality material it contains will not be indexed by general web search engines such as Google – it is ‘hidden’ behind search boxes and login gateways.

On campus, a large selection of software is provided through the Managed Cluster Service (MSC, formerly ‘PWF’). Note changes made this summer 2011 for academic year 2011-2012.

The resources listed on this page are free to use (but may require free registration) or, where stated, are provided free of charge to University members via eresources@cambridge (with Raven password off campus).

Web links will be added to all items below in due course. Please search in Google – most should be easily findable.

Page contents

  • Directories of web applications
  • Webmail services
  • Web based office suites and document collaboration
  • Feed aggregation, reading and other feed services (RSS/XML/Atom feeds)
  • Link collection, sharing and discovery
  • Online citation/reference management
  • Online photo display and sharing
  • Weblogs, wikis and related applications
  • Online file conversion
  • Online presentation/slideshows
  • Online graphics applications

Directories of web apps

Webmail services

Web based office suites

Feed readers and other feed applications (RSS, XML, Atom feeds)

  • Feedly straightforward RSS reader available as Firefox add-on, web-based application or mobile app:
  • Netvibes ‘social dashboard’ site where you can set up your own combination of apps including news feeds, Twitter feeds, video etc.

Sharing and discovering links (online bookmarking applications)

Web based reference management tools

Online photo and video sites

Blogs, wikis, etc.

Freely hosted (sign up and start posting)

Online file conversion

Presentation applications

  • SlideShare upload your own presentations to share with others, and browse the huge database of presentations

Graphics web apps


  • Google translate Around 40 languages available. Copy and paste some text into the box, choose the language to translate from and to and an understandable translation results. Some languages work better than others. You can even paste in a web page url and see that web page magically appear in another language complete with all other formatting!
  • SpiderScribe mindmapping Online mind mapping and brainstorming app. Organize your ideas by connecting notes, files, calendar events, etc. in free-form maps. You can collaborate and share those maps online.

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