Heritage and iDiscover – The Big Switch


There have been rumblings for many months now, and a frenzy of behind-the-scenes testing, planning and contemplation. Now the time has finally come to make the switch to a new library system, and it will be arriving, shiny and fresh, with the New Year. You see, it’s time for Heritage to hang up its hat, leaving us to migrate over to iDiscover alongside our fellow libraries across the university.

So, what will this mean for you?

Hopefully, a seamless switch to iDiscover after Christmas, where you will be able to manage your library accounts for all of the libraries you use, in one place. You will no longer have to switch between catalogues to search for Homerton items; and from January, the information on iDiscover will be updated to reflect the true availability of books in our library. Renewals and reservations will all happen in one place, and there will be the option to pay charges online. So far, so good.

Counting down the days…

In the final countdown to the switchover, there are just a couple of things to keep in mind. Firstly, personalisation such as saved searches and pinned items will disappear from iDiscover around Christmas time, in preparation for the relaunch in January. These won’t be automatically restored, so if you need to hang on to this information, please do follow the instructions on the iDiscover homepage to print or export these details.

Secondly, the ‘behind-the-scenes’ parts of the library system are changing dramatically, so please do bear with us as we move across. All of the staff-side functions will be different, and whilst we are swotting up in readiness, there may still be some adjustments in the New Year. We will do our best to make sure the switchover happens with minimal disruption to our readers – but let us know if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Find out more.

You can keep track of this switchover here on our library blog, and also on our library Facebook (@homertonlib) and Twitter (@homlib) pages. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch.

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Sssh! The Silent Books are here!

October is a special month here in the library, as we host the IBBY Silent Books collection, for you to peruse and pore over.

The books in the collection may be wordless, but they certainly have lots to say! Originating from over twenty countries, the stories offer a peek into a multitude of different cultures, but it is perhaps their similarities that speak out the loudest. From the joy of a day at the beach; the warmth of a hug; the journey of a tiny balloon; to adventures that transcend the world as we know it – there is something here that speaks to everyone. There is a power in the narrative that eclipses language and cultural difference, and celebrates the world around us with a strong sense of fun.

This is perhaps unsurprising when we consider the origins of the collection. Established in 2012 in response to the refugee crisis on the island of Lampedusa, its purpose was to provide a collection of stories for local and migrant children on the island. Language could no longer be a barrier. Experience had to be shared. Wordless picture books were the perfect fit, offering narratives that the reader could infuse with their own discussions and ideas, and take pleasure from regardless of their home.

One set of books in the Silent Books collection became a travelling set, touring the world, and will be staying with us for the rest of October. It is a treasure and we urge you to take some time out to enjoy it. There are over one hundred books, and you may not have time to look at them all, but just dipping into one or two can brighten the dullest autumn day.

The books are on display from 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday, and there will be a special seminar about them on Thursday 26th October in MAB G06/G07.




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Finding your feet


A warm welcome to all of our new PGCE students who have arrived this week. We’re looking forward to meeting you all over the coming weeks, and have been pleased to see people popping in already to get their bearings and use the library.

There are no formal library induction sessions for PGCEs, simply because there is so much for you all to fit in. However, we urge you to come in and register to use the library. Your university card will give you door access, but in order to borrow books, you will need to speak to a member of staff to get signed up. It’s a quick and painless process, taking less than ten minutes, but will open up a wealth of resources to you. Once registered you can come in for a quick induction when it suits you, giving you the best chance to make the most of the library’s resources.

To get you started, there a few practical things to know…

  1. You will need your Raven login details to get access to the computers and printing.
  2. You will need to buy printing credits from the Common Balance Print eCredit website: https://ecredit.ds.cam.ac.uk/ You can do this remotely or on a library computer. Talk to staff if you’re unsure.
  3. The library is open 24/7 and staffed from 9:00-17:00 on weekdays.
  4. Once registered you can borrow and renew books on the self service machine at any time. You can borrow up to fifteen items at once.
  5. There are two library catalogues. Use Heritage http://heritage.homerton.cam.ac.uk/ to search for items in Homerton Library. Use iDiscover http://www.idiscover.cam.ac.uk to search all other libraries in Cambridge University.
  6. Above all else – talk to us! There’s no such thing as a stupid question, so have a chat with staff if you’re unsure.

Good luck to everyone with their studies!

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Change is a coming…

We’re busy getting ready to welcome back our new and returning students over the next few weeks. Hopefully you’ve had a relaxing summer break and will be raring to go for the new term!

There are some changes on the horizon here in the library. From January 2018, the library will be operating a new system, which will allow you to manage your library account, and search the catalogue, all in one place. Further details about these changes will be released as term progresses, but in preparation for the switch-over, we have made some minor tweaks to the current system.

Firstly, you can still borrow up to 15 items, with a loan time of 2 weeks, however you can now renew your books as many times as you like, within a maximum period of 56 days.

Secondly, any items you request will now be held in the library for collection for 4 days, giving you more time to come in for them.

Lastly, if your library book is overdue, you will now be able to renew it, thus putting a stop to automatic reminder emails.

To manage your account, you still need to login at: http://heritage.homerton.cam.ac.uk/ and staff will be happy to talk you through the changes – just come and have a chat with us if you’re unsure.

We have also launched the new Homerton College Library Facebook page, and will be publicizing library news and updates on there.

Check it out at: https://www.facebook.com/homertonlib/

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The Great Summer Book Shuffle

With most students away over the summer, we have been rolling up our sleeves and having a book reshuffle. Sometimes this task seems like a Tetris-like feat of shelf engineering, but it’s certainly worth it to give the books a little bit more breathing space. Plus it’s a great way for librarians to tone their biceps.

You may notice a slight shift in the location of your subject’s resources, and we will be adding extra shelf guiding to make this easier to spot. Rest assured though, we are always happy to help you track things down.Shelves of books

We’ve also been pleased to see students from the International Summer School popping in to spend some time perusing the books and newspapers. We hope you make yourselves at home during your visit.

For those of you sticking around in Cambridge over the summer, don’t forget you can still use the library as a quiet space, or borrow from our fiction and DVD collections, with holiday loans running until 10th October. It’s a great opportunity to catch up on some leisure reading.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in the autumn, and hope you’re all enjoying your summer break.

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It’s oh so quiet…

Annually during Easter term, a couple of changes occur to make the Library a pleasant environment for everyone to revise and study. With more people than usual using the Library during the Easter vacation, we have introduced these changes slightly earlier than normal in the hope that even more people feel comfortable using the Library.

Silent space: The Library is always kept as a quiet space throughout the year, but we are always especially keen to promote this during Easter term and the Quiet Period at Homerton. Posters have appeared in the Library as an added reminder to ensure your phones are on silent mode, message notifications are switched and conversation is kept to a minimum.

24 hours slips introduced for leaving books and papers on desks: Three-day ‘in use’ notes are being replaced with 24 hour notes, so we can monitor and clear desks more quickly, and prevent desk hogging. We also ask that you keep papers, books, folders etc tidy when using a slip, and leave room on a desk for someone else to use it whilst you are not there.

Back by popular demand, squash and biscuits will appear during full term so that you can take a break and refresh yourselves! Posters will appear soon giving full details.

If you have any questions about the 24 hours slips or have any suggestions to ensure the Library meets everyone’s needs, please email us at library@homerton.cam.ac.uk or speak to a member of staff.

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Springtime at Homerton Library

Spring has certainly arrived with daffodils appearing next to the Library and the ducks wandering past on their way to the pond. There has definitely been a daffodil theme to our recent Springtime Library display!

Despite the warm weather outdoors, the Vacation period has been busy in terms of Library use. Postgraduate students who typically work at a distance from Homerton are taking the opportunity to use the study spaces 24/7 to get work done before term time starts. Other students are finding their favourite seat and beginning to ‘nest’ so that books, stationary and piles of notes create their ideal study spaces. As during term time, 3 day desk slips are being used so make sure to fill them in so Library staff don’t re-shelve your books. After Easter, we will switch to 24hr desk slips so we can give all students the opportunity to use the desk spaces and book stock for exams.

Thank you again to everyone who completed the Library survey! It has provided us with great feedback with which to improve the Library facilities and services to benefit all staff and students at Homerton. We will be using a whiteboard in the Library to provide some feedback from the survey but more detailed response from staff will appear on the blog- watch this space!

Here are just a few of the new books that Alys and Robin have been busy cataloguing and labelling to get them ready for the next term:

Fenwick, Helen. Text, cases and materials on public law and human rights.  342 FEN

Dunn Cavelty, Myriam. Securing the homeland: critical infrastructure, risk and (in)security. 363.325 SEC

Squire, Michael. The art of the body: antiquity and its legacy. 709.38 SQU

Innes, Christopher. Modern British Drama, 1890-1990. D822.9 INN

Lots of books are bought from your requests so please continue to fill in the ‘Suggest a Book‘ form on the blog and we will get back to you!


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Want to borrow items over the Easter vacation? Of course you can!


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Homerton Library Survey 2017

amazongiftPlease take a few moments to participate in the Library survey, and get the opportunity to win a £20 Amazon voucher in the survey prize draw!

The survey will give you the opportunity to tell us about your experience of using Library resources and facilities and give the Library team the chance to act on your feedback. With your input we can help to ensure that your use of the Library is successful and rewarding.

The survey will only take about 5 minutes to complete. Please click the link below to go to the survey website. Paper copies of the survey are also available at the enquiry desk. All responses are confidential.

Link: https://cambridge.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_89dNF98hqP9EHRj

The survey will be live until 3rd March, which hopefully should give everyone (Homerton and external students, staff, Fellows) a chance to complete it, whether you currently use the Library or not.

Should you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact the Library team at library@homerton.cam.ac.uk or speak to a member of staff.

We will post any feedback from comments given in the survey on this blog – watch this space!








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Meet Sidgbox

20170117_132342A new book dropbox has recently appeared on the Sidgwick site as part of the FutureLib ‘Intraloans’ project and is managed by @eflcam and @MMLLib. Named Sidgbox, the new  drop-box allows you to return books from any of the libraries located on the Sidgwick Site in one place.

Sidgbox will be emptied on  Monday – Friday at 10.00 am and 3.00 pm and Saturday and Sunday at 3.00 pm (term only). All books from Sidgwick site libraries will be returned to their home library by 5.00 pm.

Just remember, this is a trial project for Sidgwick site books and libraries only so no College books can be returned there. Short term loans should also be returned directly to their correct library rather than using the box.

You can also follow the many adventures of Sidgbox on Twitter!

If you have any comments about using the dropbox or the project, please contact the FutureLib team: futurelib@lib.cam.ac.uk


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NEW Children’s Literature Libguide!

Library staff from Homerton College and the Education Faculty have been working together to create a wonderful new guide for Children’s Literature at Cambridge.


We hope it will provide a directory for children’s literature collections across the University as well as highlighting the main prizes, awards & organisations in the field. Interesting snapshots of collections from the Education Faculty, Homerton, Lucy Cavendish, Newnham, Scott Polar Research Institute and the University Library all feature in the guide alongside information about how to access the collections.

The guide is available here: http://libguides.cam.ac.uk/childrensliterature

We would welcome any feedback about the guide, so please just email either  library@homerton.cam.ac.uk or library@educ.cam.ac.uk with any comments or suggestions.

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Trial access is now available to the world’s leading classical music channel, medici.tv, “the closest thing to a classical Netflix” (New York Times).

The trial runs to 9 February 2017 and is available on and off campus via the following link:


We need to know whether this trial was useful to you and if so why – please send your feedback to Pendlebury@mus.cam.ac.uk

Some of the highlights of medici.tv are:

The largest on demand library of classical music, medici.tv’s library features over 1,800 programs (3,000 original works), including: – concerts and archived historical concerts; – operas; – ballets; – documentaries, artist portraits and educational programs; – master classes

An international platform available on all devices, medici.tv is available in English and French on all screens: PC, Mac, mobiles, tablets (iOs and Android) and television via Apple TV, AirPlay or Chromecast.

The glasses of Franz Schubert The glasses of Franz Schubert

Almost 150 live events…

View original post 133 more words

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The Baker Boys are on the Case!

The Baker Boys are on the Case!

iDiscover, the new University discovery service, is here, and it’s got a couple of really cool features, like pinning to lists, exporting citations, and filtering by including or excluding items. But wait! What about Heritage? How is iDiscover going to affect my college library’s catalogue? Why are you adding to my list of new things to learn!?

Rest easy Homertonians, because Homerton College Library’s online catalogue, Heritage, is just as it’s always been (http://heritage.homerton.cam.ac.uk/). If you have any questions or comments about Heritage, please come in and see a librarian during staff hours or email us at library@homerton.cam.ac.uk.


iDiscover is an upgrade from LibrarySearch and LibrarySearch+, which you may have been using previously. Instead of having to use two different search sites, you now just need to use the one. Makes things a bit easier, we think.

It handles catalogues for the University Library, and faculty and departmental libraries such as the Education Faculty Library or Squire Law Library.

*If you’re searching for books or electronic journals, be sure to first login to iDiscover. This way you’ll be able to save your favorite citations using the Pin option as well as access e-resources quickly.*

Searching for books: 

When searching for a book, you can search by subject, author, or title. It’s important to remember to spell your search correctly, as iDiscover doesn’t auto-correct, though it does provide a suggestion drop feed, like Google.

Searching on iDiscover

Searching on iDiscover

  1. You can start filtering your search right away by selecting ‘Homerton College’ in the right hand drop down feed by the search bar.
You can also use filters to the right to narrow down your search results.

When searching for a book, be sure to check ‘books’ as resource. ‘Availability’ shows both print and digital resources.

If you want to expand the search results again, you can either click the X by an active filter or ‘reset filters’ to start back with the original search results.

You can mange your filtered results by removing a filter (clicking on the X) instead of clicking the back button.


2. You can also use filters to the right to narrow down your search results.


3. If you want to expand the search results again, you can either click the X by an active filter or ‘reset filters’ to start back with the original search results.




Once you’ve selected a title to look at, there are a lot of features you can use:


Just a heads up: at Homerton, we do not take book requests. You can recall a book out on loan but in general, we do not reserve books available on the shelves. If you have any questions, please email or come talk to us!

  1. You can ‘Pin’ the citation to a list you’ve made. The lists are very helpful to keep track of which materials you are reading for which topic.
  2. ‘Citation’ lets you copy and paste the correct citation into your bibliography.
  3. ‘Permalink’ gives you the web link for this record.
  4. ‘Print’ gives you an option to print out a quick summary of the citation, including subject headings and locations.
  5. ‘Email’ lets you email the citation to yourself, a friend, your tutor, whomever! The email will come from Primo, not you, so be sure to add a note if you are sending citations to someone other than yourself. The email has the same information as the print out.
  6. ‘Check request options’ allows you to check if you can reserve the book. This is a tricky option, as nearly all libraries have a different policy about how they allow readers to request books. Best policy: contact the library you want to borrow from to ask about their reserving policy if anything seems unclear.

If you have any questions about a record found on iDiscover or Heritage, please email or come talk to us.

Searching for e-journals:


Tourism in Space…who knew!

By using the filters ‘Full Text Online’ and ‘Articles’, you are able to see only the type of material you want.

You can then continue to narrow the results using the Subject filter by including or excluding filters, as needed.

When searching for digital materials, be sure to exclude 'Books' from your filters

When searching for digital materials, be sure to exclude ‘Books’ from your filters.

Just like with a book entry, you can use the same icons to copy, print, or email the citation. You can also ‘pin’ the article to a list for later viewing.

See, now all I can think about is the first library in space…maybe it’ll will be a lending library on the first cruise ship to the outer planets. What a job!

  1. As this is an e-resource, you will see it says ‘View Online’. Here is where already being logged into iDiscover really comes in handy, as it should go straight to the article. Otherwise, a box will come up to have you log in using your Raven ID.
  2. Click on ‘Link to Online Resource’ to view the article online in a new tab.
  3. To the right hand side of the screen (not shown), you can see suggestions for other related readings. As you are already logged in, once you click on a title, you’ll go direct to a new screen and a new article. Very handy!

And that’s iDiscover in a nutshell! It’s worth having a wander around, see how iDiscover can best work for you. If you have further questions or would like a mini tutorial, please come and see a librarian at Homerton College Library. We’d be happy to help!

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Introducing Megan

Hello! I’m Megan Kelly, the new part time Library Assistant at Homerton College Library.

I’m easy to spot as A: I am at the front desk and B: have a North American accent. Makes me hard to miss! I hope you’ll come by and say hello! I’m closest to the computers, so am able to help sort out most printer issues. I also have IT on speed dial, which helps enormously. I try to be in first thing in the mornings, and am happy to help right away. I may have graduated in 2012 but I remember how stressful it was! Remember to take time for rest and relaxing as well! All the librarians here have wide reading and film tastes, so we’re bound to find something fun to send you home with, be it a book or a movie.

I’m originally from Seattle, Washington and moved to England in March of this year.


Seattle: home of Sherman Alexie, Neil Stephenson, Isaac Marion, and many others

I have a bachelor degree in Writing, Literature, and Publishing. Librarianship came later when I realized how cutthroat publishers were. Terrifying! I completed my masters up in Scotland and as much as I love living near Cambridge, I do miss Glasgow. To be honest, I’m just glad to be back in a country where getting a decent cup of tea is the norm!

You can find me at the front desk four days a week (Monday, Wednesday – Friday). On Tuesdays I go up to the main University Library (UL) to work at the Reader Service Desk. I really enjoy working up at the UL as it’s such a different type of library. It’s a legal repository, which means it gets over 2,000 books a week….I’m a bibliophile but even that’s a bit much! The UL is a great study space as well as having unique resources. If you have any questions about the UL, I’m happy to talk about how to get registered, how to get there, and the yummy lunches the tea room offers.

On Monday afternoons, I go up to the Office of Scholarly Communications, which handles, amongst other things, the legal digital repository, copyright issues, and Open Access (OA). If you have any questions about copyright and/or OA, I’m happy to help.

Librarian stats

Favourite book: (I always feel like I should apologize to my bookcases but…) Neverwhere bygaiman Neil Gaiman. I’ll never look at the Underground in the same way again…or Harrods or doors….

Currently reading: I always have at least three books on the go (one for the train, one beside the bed, and one just floating around). The main one is Mary Beard’s SPQR. I’ve been lucky enough to meet her (well, more like say hello as she whipped past) at the UL a few times now. If you’re interested in Roman history, try any of her books.

What I do in my spare time: When I’m not reading, I’m knitting (almost done with my first pair of socks!), making things out of paper (flowers currently), or pretending I’m preparing for the Bake Off (bread and I are not seeing eye to eye at the moment).

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New ebook titles – September 2016

If you would like any help or advice about how to access e-journals or e-books at home or in Cambridge, please just pop in to the Library or email us library@homerton.cam.ac.uk. We are happy to help get you started with e-resources!


Here is a selection of the titles added to the ebooks@cambridge collection during September. These titles were purchased by, or on behalf of, department and faculty libraries within the University of Cambridge and by the University Library.

Click on the cover image to access the title via our authenticated links.

ames1   business1  criminology1  education1  engineering1  history1  hps1  italian1  law1  mml1  sociology1    sps1  sps2  teaching without disruption aw.indd  hps2  history2  sps3  ames2  hps3    matsci1  law2  matsci2  education3    ames3  education4education5   engineering2  engineering3  hps4     law3  mml2  sps4  

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Welcome PGCE students 2016-2017!

pgceposter2016A warm welcome from the Library team to all the new PGCE students who have started their studies today! Hopefully, you are now starting to find your way around the College and have found the Library in the Mary Allan Building. Tomorrow, Homerton PGCE students will attend a talk by our Librarian, Liz, who will give a brief introduction to the Library and what services and facilities we provide.

Though the Library is accessible 24/7 using your University card, you will need to register your card to borrow any resources from the Library using the self-issue machine. Why not pop in to the Library during staffed hours (9am -5pm, Monday-Friday) and register your card? It really does only take two minutes!

If you based at another College, but are studying Early Years or General Primary PGCE, you are welcome to also register at Homerton College Library and use our children’s literature collection. Please just speak to a member of staff who will be happy to help.

Remember, all of the Library team are here to support your use of the Library throughout your studies. If you have searched our catalogue (Heritage) and are unsure of where to find a book or haven’t quite worked out the self-issue machine yet, please just speak to us. We also do not mind tackling a more challenging topic or query. You can always contact us by phone (01223747260), email (library (@)homerton.cam.ac.uk) or Twitter too if you are not in College.

We look forward to meeting you all in the Library!

For a useful brief introduction to the Library, have a quick read of our new user guide

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Launching Cambridge Core


cambridge core

Cambridge Core is the new academic platform from Cambridge University Press. It replaces Cambridge Journals Online (CJO), Cambridge Books Online (CBO), Cambridge Histories Online (CHO), Cambridge Companions Online (CCO), Shakespeare Survey Online (SSO) and all partner press ebook content currently hosted on University Publishing Online (UPO) and combines content from them all.

Cambridge Core goes live at midnight onSunday September 4th; from that point the links in our LibrarySearch records will lead you directly to the full text content on the new platform.

Cambridge Core offers faster and more accurate search capabilities, including extensive facetted searching, UK English and US search terms, title matching to prioritise results, and a search within functionality. The Cambridge Core Reader provides the reading experience of PDF, while maintaining HTML functionality.There is a collapsible side panel for navigation, access to contextualised tables, figures and charts, improved linking to support multimedia content, and improved…

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Review of 2015

Happy New Year 2016! Another year has passed, and now seems like a good time to reflect on the Library during 2015. It has certainly been a busy and varied year.

During 2015, we have been busy making more items available to borrow for all students and staff. At the last count, we have added over 500 books to the library collection covering all subject areas and from a wide range of reading lists.


Speaking of ‘new additions’, as we have now added a book suggestion form to our blog and on the Homerton intranet (Nexus), we are now receiving even more book recommendations from staff and students. As a result, we have been able to quickly respond to new requests and so far 65 books have been purchased due to requests.

We have spent time listening to your suggestions (and acting on them too!). Coffee and cake with MPhil Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature students in February led to the number of books they were allowed to borrow being increased from 5 to 10.


Our feedback wall

Our feedback wall in May proved very popular with new suggestions and ideas posted daily. Some suggestions were simple to introduce. You can now access Smartboard software and Read & Write Gold on all computers in the Library and trolleys for returned items are now situated on every floor. Other proposed ideas (tables, beanbags, desk lamps) have been discussed and budget requests completed – you will have to watch this space!

After a brief trial period, Easter term saw the permanent introduction of hot drinks to the Library (in covered containers only) which has proved very popular. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice soothing cup of tea whilst reading?coffee-830422_640

During exam term, we also added some colouring pages and simple origami to our library relaxation materials. You can also now access some helpful study tips and more copyright free colouring sheets online throughout the year on our new Pinterest boards.

During September, Homerton Library organised a large exhibition in association with the Lewis Carroll Society celebrating the many varied editions of Alice in Wonderland. For the delegates of the ‘Alice Through the Ages’ conference, it was an opportunity to view editions from our Children’s Rare Book Collection alongside other rare editions mentioned by the speakers and quirky Alice ephemera. We also managed to find an edition of Alice from every delegate’s country of origin – over 40 editions were on display! With the President of the Lewis Carroll Society calling the conference ‘the most significant scholarly event in the UK’ during the 150th anniversary year, we hope to build and develop further exhibitions after such positive feedback.

As part of the Academic Skills sessions organised annually by the College, the Library staff developed and led two workshops for students during 2015. These sessions explained how to locate, analyse and reference the best resources for essays in any subject. Due to feedback from participants, this year’s session will have a greater emphasis on referencing guidelines. However, if you have any other ideas for research skills classes or any guidance you would like, please do contact us (library@homerton.cam.ac.uk) so we can take this into consideration when planning future activities.

If you are interested in keeping in touch with library events, join in the conversation on Twitter. @homlib has over 1,100 followers (and counting!).

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A very warm welcome to Homerton College Library!

A very warm welcome to all our new students and to all the familiar faces that have popped in to the Library to say hello – welcome back!

After the whirlwind of subject-specific inductions for Freshers, Higher Degree Inductions, as well as the Pre-Sessional Freshers and PGCES, the Library has now returned to ‘normal’. Normal means assisting you in interpreting your reading list; providing you with the books on the list, as well as helping you access all the electronic resources you need. We can also give a helping hand in other areas like referencing.

Like we said at your induction, we do not expect you to be library experts overnight. So well done on locating our blog – it is used to introduce you to new resources, library events and help you with your study skills. We’re here to answer any question throughout the year and are happy to answer work-based questions or tell you when the next bus goes! Call in and see us, pick up the phone (01223 747260) or email us on library@homerton.cam.ac.uk.

Please remember that if you want to be able to borrow 24/7, you will need to register your card in order to use the self-issue machine. Most of you have done this at induction, but if not, why not pop in to the Library during staffed hours (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday) and speak to a member of staff? It really does only take two minutes!

Still settling in? Remember we offer a friendly and welcoming place to study 24/7 as well as the necessary computer and printing/photocopying facilities. The Haribo may have disappeared, but the new jigsaw puzzle has arrived as well as new colouring sheets – please just help yourself!

For new PGCE students, if you think you may need to contact us whilst on placement, why not pick up one of these handy contact details stickers when you are next in the Library? They don’t take up much room in your diary or planner and also feature the link to our catalogue Heritage.


Rosie’s diary displaying the new contact details sticker

We look forward to meeting you all in the Library!

For a useful brief introduction to the Library, have a quick read of our user guide:


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Relax! The Library is here to help

Though the next few weeks may prove to be busy, stressful and seemingly endless, we hope the Library can provide you with the necessary environment to get the most out of your study sessions and help you to relax and take a break in between!

Stress free environment

It may be impossible to ever achieve a truly stress-free environment, but we are aiming to keep stress levels to a minimum in the Library during exam term. There is plenty of tidy, quiet desk space available for you if you fancy finding a comfortable, more productive study spot. There are both large desks and carrels available for you to use if you fancy a change of scenery.ExamBooks

Books on study skills, exam technique, essay writing and referencing can found on display next to the self-issue machine. Please feel free to read or borrow any of these books as we don’t mind updating the displays when books are borrowed.

Take a break

Lots of you have been joining us for squash and biscuits every weekday afternoon at 3.30pm – the aim of these sessions is to encourage you to take a well-deserved break, rehydrate and refocus.ColouringIn

If you want to take a break but still keep the brain active, we’ve also got jigsaws and a chess set in the ground floor reading area. The jigsaw has already proved popular with a new puzzle on display already! If puzzles are just too taxing, why not try the colouring pages or simple origami to help you relax?PinterestBreak

A new board has appeared on our Pinterest pages filled with revision break tips, colouring pages and motivational quotes to help you whether you are in the Library or studying in your room.

Suggestions and feedback wall

The Library team are always looking for new ways to improve our services and support you through your studies, especially during the busy exam term. You will have noticed a blank flipchart has appeared next to the self-issue machine. We hope it will give you the opportunity to provide constructive comments about the Library – whether it is improvements, questions you would like answered or just to say something positive! We will add our responses to all comments made.

Library staff are always happy to help with any problems you may be having, whether it’s finding books, looking for past papers, creating your bibliography, or printing. Just ask!

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